vhfip servers


VHFip will open in a Windows Media Player window, so make sure your pop-ups are un-blocked.

VHF-IP requirements


FCC License:0017239807 Call Sign:WQIC897

What is VHFip?

VHFip is a system Ocean Promotions is developing which allows users to listen in on regular marine band VHF audio over the Internet. Through VHFip, users anywhere in the world will be able to listen live to VHF broadcasts.

Why is this important?

As some may know, many charter boat operators communicate with eachother using the marine VHF radio. They help each other out; sharing information and finding the best spots for fishing. Many recreational anglers "eaves drop" on the charter boat channel to get valuable information. By having access to VHFip, anyone can listen in and know what is happening offshore while sitting at their desk.

What is the cost?

VHFip is FREE! The costs associated with the development, maintenance and bandwidth of the VHFip servers are incurred by Ocean Promotions. To you, the end user, it is and will always be a free service.

What is needed to listen to VHFip?

VHFip servers are based on Windows Media Servers. You must have Windows Media Player version 9 or later in order to listen to the live broadcast.

Why are only servers in South Florida working?

VHFip is based on radio transmissions. Due to this, the servers are located in the geographic area of each region. Since we are in BETA-testing mode, we only have our South Florida servers online.

Why only "listen" to the radio? Why not transmit as well?

FCC laws restrict the ability to transmit from land-based locations. The transmission over marine-band VHF radio using an Internet connection has not really been explored by the FCC. We are researching the legality of this. We currently have the technology to transmit, but we are not going to implement the service until we are 100% certain we abide by all laws.



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