Services - professional event management

Event Concept and Design
Developing an event is a science. There are a myriad of factors when considering creating and hosting an event. Ocean Promotions' expertise in this field has been proven time after time.
- Event Image
- Budget
- Site Planning
- Date and Scheduling
- Create Viable Sponsorship Package
Advertising and Marketing
Designing a great event does not do any good if people don't know about it. having a solid and effective advertising, marketing, and P/R plan is essential.
- Media planning
- Media Alliances/Partnerships
- Professional/Celebrity Endorsements
- Web Presence
- Integrated Media Campaign
Event Implementation
Nothing really matters unless you can execute an event. Sponsors, attendees, and visitors are all relying on a first-class event. Ocean promotions delivers on these expectations.
- Logistics
- Vendor Coordination
- A/V: Staging, audio, video
- Concession
- Food & Beverage
- Facilities Maintenance
- Photography/Video
- LIVE! Streaming and Leaderboard
Post Event Process
When the event is over, it all needs to be tied up nicely. This includes making sure all vendors and winners are paid, that sponsors are happy, and that the media is aware of the results.
- Post Event P/R
- Sponsor Follow-Up and Proof of Performance
- Media Follow-Up
- Participant Feedback/Surveys


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