the lba fishing tournament

Latin Builder's Bimini Tournament!
You don't have to be a Latin Builder to party and fish like one!

We realize you've heard about the LBA's fishing tournament, but you were afraid to ask. Well be afraid no more my sheepish friends as I come bearing answers to those very questions you had been afraid to ask. Read on...

Q: Do I have to be a member of the LBA to fish in the tournament.
A: No. As long as you are not a really awesome fisherman, you are welcome to participate.

Q: Can I go and just hang out at the parties?
A: Yes. We have social packages for slackers... I mean non-fishing participants like yourself.

Q: Are all those real people in the pool photo above?
A: No. We staged this photo just for the purposes of this eBlast. Those are all hired models and therefore, not real people.

Q: Do you need a boat to fish the tournament?
A: No, not really. If you want to try your chances fishing from land go ahead. Make sure you enter all the calcuttas.

Q: Can I fly in for the action?
A: Yes. You can fly in the action too.

Although the LBA tournament is thought to be an "association" tournament, in reality it is open to all. It is almost a week full of activities, parties, drinking, fishing, and more parties. It is an event you must not miss. All the action takes place from June 23 - June 27 in Bimini. Check out the link for details or call our office - 305.461.2700 - to register.



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