get lit wins a big one

GET LIT WINS A BIG ONE! Jan 30, 2011 - Miami, FL - The Get Lit crew has finished 2nd in this tournament countless times. It seemed as if they were destined to be the proverbial bride’s maids of the Sea Vee / Mercury Mayor’s Cup. They made finishing 2nd an art form; exhibiting it as recently as the Sailfish Kickoff in December where they finished – 2nd. But there was something in the air at the Cup. Something special was going to happen.

A mild cold front pushed through the area mid week and that got teams excited about the expected hot sailfish action for the tournament. The new venue, Miamarina at Bayside in downtown Miami, added to the electricity in the air. The tournament started off with the Mercury Captain’s Party which rivaled all others. The bar was 3-deep all night and the Hooters wings went as quickly as the little orange shorts could move. By the end of the night 50 of the top boats in South Florida had thrown their hats in the ring.

Saturday’s fishing started at 7:30am sharp and the first release was called in at 7:35 am by “Hardway.” At that exact moment, we knew “it was on.” The releases continued to stream in as release after release was called in. Thank goodness for the computerized scoring system; a manual scoring system would have surely failed with the pace. Normally there is a mid-day lull in the action, but not on Saturday. Teams were catching and releasing fish all day long. By the end of the day, 256 sailfish were released by the fleet; an average of over 5 fish per boat. In the Big Boat Division, “Get Lit” and “Qualifier” battled it out throughout the day with “Get Lit” ending with 19 releases to “Qualifier’s” 17. Hot on their tails was “Weez in the Keys” with 16. In the Small Boat Division “Hardway” kept up their pace and ended with 15 releases. They were followed by “Rockstar” who had 9. The Mercury-powered Sea Vee “Encore” was threatening all day with 9 releases.

Sunday proved to be just as good as teams started releasing fish in the first 10 minutes of action. “Qualifier” caught several early to momentarily take the lead from “Get Lit,” but the “Get Lit” crew skippered by Quinton “Q” Dieterle did not take it lying down. They surged back and never relinquished the lead again. There was an on-boat battle for Top Angler honors as Christopher “Kitt” Toomey and Peter Miller were tied mid-day. Kitt took the lead from his teammate and ended the tournament with 15 releases. By the time “lines-out” was called “Get Lit” had released 29 sailfish. Their efforts netted them over $65,000.00! “Qualifier” staved off a run by “Weez in the Keys” and took 2nd place over “Weez.” Each had 20 releases. In the Small Boat Division “Hardway” never gave up the lead once. They lead from the very first sailfish of the tournament to end with 20 releases. Behind them were the Mercury-powered “XXX Fishing” and “Encore” with 16 and 15 releases respectively. In the Amateur Division “Voo Doo Child” solidified their graduation from the Amateur Division with an impressive 15 releases along with Top Amateur Angler honors for Winfred Fili. “Bad Company” finished 2nd with 8 releases and “Team West Marine” finished 3rd with 5 releases. The Top Female Angler was Janene Claus fishing aboard “Qualifier” with 10 releases. The Top Junior Angler was James David Jr with 13 releases which was also the 2nd highest releases by any angler.

The Sea Vee / Mercury Mayor’s Cup trophy was won by “Get Lit” who represents Coral Gables, Florida; “The City Beautiful.” The Cup will reside in Coral Gables’ City Hall for a year until it is up for grabs again in January 2012.

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