January 31, 2010 – Miami, Florida - For the third year in a row, the crew on “Wound Up” proved why they are considered by many as the best sailfish team in the world. And they did so in a commanding fashion as they took home the 2010 Mayor’s Cup.

The Sea Vee / Mercury Mayor’s Cup is the second tournament of the Camacho Billfish Championship, a series comprised of the Mayor’s Cup and the Sailfish Kickoff. The team who releases the most sailfish between both events is crowned the Series Champion. This year makes the third time that “Wound Up” wrapped up the series.

Fifty-two boats registered to compete in the Mayor’s Cup this year, but the talk at the captain’s party was about the weather. Not if the weather was going to be good or bad, but the fact that the winds for the first day of competition were going to be blowing out of the southwest which typically means poor fishing. But the teams could not have been more mistaken.

The fishing on Saturday started out red hot with many teams reporting multiple releases early in the day. It was a blistering pace with a fish a minute being release in the first 90 minutes of competition. By the end of the day 266 fish were released and “Wound Up” led the pack with 18 releases.
Sunday the wind was to swing out of the north which would normally mean better fishing, but once again the fishing gods proved that they cannot be told what to do. The fishing on Sunday was slow. So slow that the tournament leader, “Wound Up” did not have a release for several hours. That gave the second place team “Get Lit” a chance to take the lead, which they did several times. In the small boat division, team “High Standards” and “Kimbuktu” also traded the lead several times. All the divisions had hot races up and down the standings.

As the day progressed “Wound Up” took the lead one last time and never looked back. They extended their margin 5 to releases over second place team “Get Lit.” “Wound Up” finished with 23 releases, “Get Lit” had 18 releases and “Weez in the Keys” made a literal last-minute release and sneaked into third with 14 releases.

In the small boat division “High Standards” beat out “Kimbuktu” on time as they each had 18 releases. Rounding out the top three was “Rock Star” with 14 releases. The amateur division had its share of lead changes too. In the end it was “Forever Younger” leading the amateurs with 12 releases followed by “Nina” with 10 releases and “Always Something” with 8 releases.

“Wound Up” added 23 releases in this tournament to 20 releases in the Sailfish Kickoff to take home the coveted Camacho Billfish Championship. In addition to extra prize money, they also received gold and diamond rings signifying their win. With three rings in their collection, it’s no wonder why they are considered the best sailfish team in the world.

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